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Uptime Solutions   
Maximize Your Uptime with Our Team of Carwash Experts  

Unitec’s Uptime Solutions team of car wash experts helps your on-site personnel maximize wash uptime by quickly resolving minor wash problems or maintenance needs, reducing unnecessary service provider visits, and preventing avoidable equipment breakdowns.

Equipment Monitoring & Problem Resolution 
Our car wash experts monitor the status of your wash and triage any equipment alerts, minimizing downtime and reducing unnecessary site visits. We will remotely provide a fix, advise your store personnel on how to resolve the issue, or if needed, engage your service provider for an on-site visit.  We will develop a special resolution process, tailored to your staff and company policies, and stay on top of a problem until it is resolved. We provide the most expedient path to getting the wash running.
Downtime Prevention 
We proactively perform wellness checks on your wash. If you’re not washing cars as expected, we will work with your team to identify the cause and resolve it quickly.  Additionally, we will work with your team to ensure the wash is prepared for and protected from below freezing temperatures.

Common Resolutions:
Credit or Cash Status End Position
Receipt Paper E-Stop
Back-Up Eye Temperature Concerns
Brushes Gantry
Chemicals Pulse

We provide you with a monthly report of your sites’ uptime and any issues encountered. Not only does this give you confidence that you are maximizing your sites’ uptime, but also allows you to address any equipment problems and training needs.

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