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December 1, 2015

Wi-Fi Bridge

P/N KT1838; List Price $1,395
The Wi-Fi Bridge is a high power outdoor networking system that creates a transparent, wireless connection between two (building-to-building) networks at a distance apart.  The Wi-Fi Bridge is the ideal choice when it is cost-prohibitive to run an Ethernet cable (300 feet max) or even using an Ethernet Extender Kit (10,000 feet max) from the Car Wash to the building’s Point of Sale system.
The Wi-Fi Bridge allows the car wash operator to sell wash codes at locations where a wired interface between the car wash and other building (or C-Store) is not practical.  The plug and play setup quickly installs in less than one day and can be installed by one person.  FCC permitting is typically not required (check local building regulations but roof-mounted antennas generally do not require special permitting).
The data that flows across the Wi-Fi Bridge must not contain credit card data.  If you are connecting the entry system to the router, or the entry system to a server, you may not do so with a Wi-Fi Bridge if the entry system accepts credit card data.  Please refer to the Wi-Fi Bridge manual for examples of supported and non-supported configurations.
Kit includes:
(2) Wi-Fi bridge boxes, (2) mounting brackets, (2) J-poles, (2) “Power over Ethernet” power supplies, and (2) 75’ shielded CAT5 cables.

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