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The Wash Select II is a premium entry system for the unattended automatic car wash market. As the leading car wash entry system for the petroleum market, its patented, ergonomically-designed front features daylight-readable LCD displays that guide customers through the car wash payment process while promoting the purchase of upgrades.

“We were a test site for the Wash Select II, many years ago when the product was first built, and just loved it. All these years later, we’re still using this product because it’s extremely dependable, easy to use and works well with every machine we have ever paired it with.
The Wash Select II offers simplicity and ease of use for the customer, as well as great accounting capabilities for me as the site owner. The reports I get are very detailed and really easy to manage. I like that the credit transactions go through right away, that the system will call me if there is any type of problem, and it only takes 30 seconds to reboot, compared to other similar machines that might take up to five minutes to restart. We’ve also been able to implement a number of customer loyalty programs using the Wash Select II including VIP coupons and cards. We offer discounts for prepaid wash packages to a lot of area businesses, which not only helps build their business, but also ours at the same time.
Unitec is a great company. They provide wonderful customer service and the people really go the extra mile to help you. I believe the Wash Select II is truly the most reliable point of sale system on the market.”
Alicia Boardman
Manager of Waterworks Car Wash
Elkridge, Arbutus, Catonsville & Crofton, MD

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Click here to download a PDF sell sheet to view or print detailed product information and specifications.

How-To Guides
Applicable only if using a Sierra Site Server.
DRB In-Bay Solution’s How-To Guides provide quick reference information for site owners to program features within the Sierra Management Application.

DRB In-Bay Solutions offers manuals for POS hardware by Unitec. They are offered 24/7 on our website in PDF format. To purchase a printed version, please contact our Parts Department.
Wash Select II Installation Manual
Wash Select II Operations Manual
Wash Select II with WashPay Integration Manual
Wash Select II with POS4000/V2-Wash Select II Operations Manual
Wash Select II to WashPay Integration Field Retrofit Installation Guide
Wash Select II Verifone Credit Interface Integration Field Retrofit Installation Guide
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