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Sierra®  How-To Guides

General Information
How to Login to the Sierra Management System

Wash Package Management
How to Change Prices                             
How to Change Wash Details
How to Setup a New Added Service  
How To Guides How to Setup a New Wash Type
How to Setup a Hidden Wash Package     
How to Setup a Bundled Wash Package

Marketing Programs
How to Setup Discounts      
How to Setup a Free Wash
How to Setup a Fundraiser            
How to Setup a Scheduled Special
How to Setup a Pre Paid Account   
How to Setup a Loyalty Account
How to Setup a Subscription Account   
How to Setup a Fleet Account  
How to Add Users to a Fleet Account
How to Generate a Monthly Billing Statement for Fleet Customers 
How to Set Up Token Dispensing

User Management
How to Add or Delete User
How to Setup Notifications

Sales Management
How to Setup Buttons for the Console Screen Setup Sales Buttons

How to Backup a Database
How to Restore a Database

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