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Operating System Updates

Unitec assembles Operating Systems (OS) updates, used by the Portal, Sentinel, C-Start and WashPay Site Controller. These updates are provided in whole by Microsoft. Unitec carefully reviews the parts of each update for relevancy and determines which to include in the package made available.  
Unitec provides these OS update packages on a quarterly basis, yielding 4 releases per year.  PCI Compliance regulations require these OS updates be applied as security patches when they are made available.   
As the Operating Systems are customized for Unitec products, these updates must be downloaded from this site and installed by the equipment owner or servicing distributor, rather than obtained through other channels. 
It is advisable and recommended that software versions running on Unitec payment stations (Portal, Sentinel and C-Start) are up to date as well. If you feel the software version of your payment station is not current, please contact Unitec’s Technical Support Department and we will assist you in determining the correct upgrade path. 

Windows POSReady 7


Microsoft has ended support for Windows XPe, as of 1/12/16.

What does this mean for Unitec users?

PCI compliance requires computer systems to be promptly updated as security vulnerabilities are identified.  Car wash operators who continue to operate with Windows XPe-based products will no longer have access to these updates and their PCI compliance and system security will be at risk.  Additionally, products that operate on XPe will be limited to the use of older versions of product software (Sierra version 1.63 or earlier).  These software versions are no longer supported and users will no longer have access to bug fixes or feature updates. The parts required for this upgrade will vary by product model and configuration.
To determine the parts/kits that will be required, start by clicking on your system below:

Portal Sentinel C-Start WashPay/Site Server


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