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DRB Systems®, Unitec®, Suds Creative, NoPileupsand Sage MicrosystemsLaunch DRB Masterbrand

AKRON, Ohio (August 24, 2020) - DRB Systems, Unitec, Suds Creative, NoPileups and Sage Microsystems are now united under a masterbrand: DRB. Together, the organization helps car wash operators and quick lube shops chart new paths to growth with data-driven technology solutions.

In 2016, DRB Systems, a provider of point-of-sale and tunnel technology to the conveyorized car wash market, joined forces with Unitec, which serves the unattended and C-Store car wash market with reliable point-of-sale software and hardware. This move brought together two of the most powerful companies in the automated car wash realm. Soon after, the organization added: 


Until now, all of the companies maintained their separate brand identities, but it became evident that it was time to unite under a common masterbrand with a common goal.

“Since we joined forces, we’ve found that together, we are truly more than the sum of our parts,” said DRB CEO Dan Pittman. “Now it’s time for our brand to reflect that. Under the DRB masterbrand, we will forge ahead with a singular goal: To help car wash operators squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments.”

The combined DRB is poised to do that with:
“We believe the car wash industry is poised for a technological leap - a leap that will focus intensely on the end car wash consumer and their experience,” Pittman said. “Therefore, we are developing more advanced technologies and mining the deep data insights operators need to attract more consumers and lock in loyalty regardless of your car wash model.”

To differentiate between the two major markets DRB serves, DRB Systems will be referred to as DRB Tunnel Solutions with NoPileups remaining as a product under the Tunnel Solutions business unit. Unitec will be identified as DRB In-Bay Solutions. The Unitec name will still be associated with the in-bay point-of-sale hardware and Sierra and Director software. Suds Creative and Sage Microsystems will not change their brand names but will fall under the DRB Masterbrand.

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About DRB

For over a third of a century, DRB supported – and often drove – an era of unprecedented growth in the car wash industry with point-of-sale and wash optimization software, hardware and services. Now as a masterbrand that includes DRB Tunnel Solutions (formerly DRB Systems), DRB In-Bay Solutions (formerly Unitec), Suds Creative and Sage Microsystems, that tradition continues. The DRB team works together toward a singular goal: To help all car wash operators squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments. They do this with data and industry insights, a best-in-class team and reliable, intuitive innovations that delight consumers and are secure, simple to service and easy to use.


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