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One World.  So Many Dirty Cars.
Unitec has been the recognized leader in the design, engineering and fabrication of payment stations for the car wash market for over three decades. 
We’ve created one of the largest installed bases in the United States, solved countless technical issues in the market, and we’ve worked with distributors, manufacturers, independent car wash operators, independent investors and convenience stores of every size and from every corner of the nation.  It’s a solid foundation.  And now with footholds in both Canada
and Australia, we’re expanding our geographic footprint and rolling out our durable, customizable and scalable solutions into new markets across the globe.
Are you satisfied with the payment station solutions offered in your part of the world?  If not, contact us.  We are actively exploring new markets and are open to expansion anywhere people want the best and are willing to invest to get it.  We’ll help you drive your return on that investment… one wash at a time.
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