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How to Setup a Subscription Account
Subscription accounts are designed to support an ‘unlimited’ wash application. These accounts are product-based accounts that are valid for a specific wash package and can be redeemed by a code, magnetic stripe card or windshield mounted (RFID) tag. It should be noted, that customers using a subscription account are able to add money to upgrade to a better wash if Upgrades are enabled. Sierra does not include a recurring billing application for subscription account payment, therefore, the sale of a subscription account is not reported as revenue. Likewise, redemptions against these accounts are not reported as revenue. Redemptions are included in the Transaction Count in the summary section of the revenue report but are excluded from the Paid Transactions count.   If a recurring billing applications is needed, your credit processor should be able to accommodate this feature.

Subscription accounts should be set up by first creating a subscription account program (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze pass) then issuing individual accounts from the desired program. Subscription accounts can also be configured to operate on a schedule and have expiration dates and frequency limits.

 The process for setting up and selling subscription accounts is: 

  1. Set up an account program through the Accounts/Programs function of the Sierra management system. 
  2. Set up an individual account through the Accounts/Accounts function of the Sierra management system.
  3. Set up a button on the Sales/Console page for issuing new accounts.
  4. Use the sales button on the Sales/Console page to issue a new account for a customer.


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