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How to Setup a Pre-Paid Account
Prepaid accounts can be set up as product or monetary account types.  A product account allows multiple uses of a specific wash (5 Works washes, for example).  A monetary account is a gift card.  Prepaid accounts can be set up for redemption through a manually entered code or a magnetic stripe card.  It’s recommended that accounts be issued (or sold) through the Sales or Console page but they can also be issued through the account management pages. 

You may reload the account without reentering all information, and the customer may also reload his account at the entry unit. If the balance of the account is insufficient for the purchase, the customer will be asked if they’d like to recharge the account.  If they choose to do so, they’ll be prompted to add payment and the account will be recharged for the amount that’s defined in the account program.

The process for setting up and selling prepaid accounts is:

  1. Set up an account program through the Accounts/Programs function of the Sierra management system.
  1. Set up an individual account through the Accounts/Accounts function of the Sierra management system.
  2. Set up a sales button on the Sales/Console page for issuing new accounts.
  3. Purchase a new account for the customer from the Sales/Console screen.


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