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How to Setup a Loyalty Account
Loyalty accounts provide incentives to “members” in order to encourage repeat visits.  This feature offers two different programs: member discounts and frequent shopper rewards.  The discount application entitles club members to discounts on one or more wash products. The frequency application functions as an “electronic punch card” that provides rewards for repeat customers (e.g. buy 4, get the 5th for free). A program must be setup for both options.

This feature requires a minimum version of 1.52 for the Sierra management system.

The process for setting up and selling loyalty accounts is:

  1. Set up an account program through the Accounts/Programs function of the Sierra management system. 
  2. Set up an individual account through the Accounts/Accounts function of the Sierra management system.
  3. Set up a button on the Sales/Console page for issuing new accounts.
  4. Use the sales button on the Sales/Console page to issue a new account for a customer.


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