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Does experience matter?
Our company has a long history working with car wash Distributors and Manufacturers.  It’s where Unitec got its start more than 30 years ago and we’ve been a reliable partner to the industry ever since. Providing the individuals and organizations we support with integrated, complete solutions for their customers to maximize uptime and increase ROI.
As the industry has evolved, our engineers and management team have asked the tough questions to be able to give your customers what they need.  When Distributors and Manufacturers choose Unitec as their payment station provider, it allows them to offer a single face to the customer with durable, highly customizable solutions co-developed by your and our engineering teams.  Our resources are your resources.
Our experienced distributors represent Unitec through sales and service across the car wash industry.  They’re extremely knowledgeable, well-trained advisors to site operators and they’re like-minded in their complete dedication to the customer. They know how to help the site operator use our equipment to grow their business and increase return on investment.
If you’re trying to grow your distributorship or integrate multiple washes from different sites around town or around the world, it’s an easy proposition when you work with Unitec, because we adapt to your environment and technology.
It’s the “easy route” for distributors and manufacturers

Distributor Portal
The password-restricted pages are reserved for use by Unitec Authorized Distributors and Manufacturers.  By completing this request, you will apply for a password that will permit access to password-restricted pages where you will find items such as pricing.  Upon completion of this form, Unitec will verify your distributor status and you will be contacted by email within 2 business days regarding you online account status.  

Log in here Apply for Username

Shop Parts Online
For your convenience, our E- commerce site links directly off of our website. We are now selling Spare Parts, Retrofit Options, and Refurbished Parts to our Distributors and Manufacturers only.  After creating an account, your unique login will show your discounted price, if applicable.  

It features:
  • Convenient, 24/7 online ordering
  • Individual user accounts for your company
  • Safe and secure purchases
  • Part photos, descriptions, and detailed assembly view
  • Search by part numbers and product categories

Contact Technical Support
Unitec offers technical support to our Distributors in a call-center format. We are trained to handle everything from providing guidance on simple tasks to diagnosing the most complex of issues with your technicians in the field.

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