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Director® is a cloud-based, enterprise-level management system that enables car wash operators to centrally manage their car wash business, optimize sales and minimize downtime


Centralize Reporting and Management
No more compiling individual site reports to get an enterprise-wide view. Director provides a dashboard view of wash activations, transactions and any active alerts, as well as robust reporting on all sales.

Support Multi-Site Programs 
Director allows you to easily generate single-use codes individually or in bulk, assign and activate gift or membership cards, and track use of multi-site accounts such as monthly-plan subscribers and fleet accounts.

Know and Respond in Real Time
Director provides a snap shot of active problems and a historical view of any issues, as well as allowing you to set up equipment-specific alerts to be sent to the right team member when status changes. 

Optimize Profit
Use data available from Director’s robust reporting to optimize your pricing, promotions, and wash packages with data such as each site’s peak times, popular washes, and sales and redemption of promotions.

“With Unitec’s Director product, I can monitor sales from my desk by sales packages, which shows us how customers have paid for the wash—whether by code, at the pump, credit or cash.  It’s great to come to work in the morning and track via Director that all car washes are up and running. The trending page is helpful for determining if the car wash is slow at a particular time of day so we can run a special to increase sales. Director is a wonderful tool for you to utilize to see what your car wash is doing.”
Mark Meeker,  Vehicle Care Business Development Manager, Cars & Stripes, Texas

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