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The C-Start was designed to simplify the transaction experience for car wash customers. The unit works with in-bay automatic or conveyor car wash systems and is the right choice for operators who wish to automate payment processes: the cashless unit accepts credit cards or wash codes. C-Start is a smart and efficient choice for petroleum market operators.

“The C-Start has changed the way that we do business at our car washes, and we are most pleased with its ease of use. Customers used to dig for change in order to purchase a wash. Now, they swipe a credit card that processes in a matter of seconds, guaranteeing a fast, satisfactory transaction. Our sales increased since installing the C-Start, and complaints have decreased tenfold. That’s the direction we want to go. Remote reporting gives us the ability to monitor usage in ways that we’ve never had at our washes, and the additional marketing options are great. We do a strong business in our 10 washes for the price of 9 bundle, and our managers have the ability to tailor specials and promotions to their sites. The C-Start has been a great solution for us. It has allowed us to grow our business at the wash while selling at the pump. Its user-friendly operation gives our customers a great experience that keeps them coming back.”  John Herdrich, Herdrich Petroleum/QuickPix, Rushville, IN

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C-Start Configuration Form
C-Start Installation Manual
C-Start Owner’s Manual
Sierra Management Application Programming Manual
Unitec Router Configuration Guide
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