POS Test

Unitec POSTEST Software

POSTest is a PC-based software application for your laptop or desktop computer running Windows 95 or above. This program is intended for use as an aid to service personnel testing the communications link from a Unitec POS device, POS4000 or Enterlink to an External Point of Sale Device (Ext POS, Site Controller or Register). The POSTest is a hardware-only test that will allow the technician to validate the functionality of the Unitec Hardware.

This software is also available to Unitec distributors and carwash manufacturers for $28 - includes software disk, instructions, and a universal 25/9 to 25/9 communications cable.


1. Download software

2. Purchase Cable (Radio Shack Part #'s)
DB9 male to female null modem adaptor (Radio Shack Giga-Ware # 26-1411) and

DB9F to DB9F lap link cable (Radio Shack Giga-Ware #26-1405).

3. Install Software

    • After downloading the postest.zip software, copy the file into a temporary directory.
    • Use your unzip utility to unzip the postest.zip software. You can download WinZip from www.shareware.com (just search for "WinZip"), or directly from www.winzip.com.
    • When the file is completed its decompression, close any DOS window created.
    • Run or double click on POSTest.exe to install the POSTest software.
    • Immediately click on Help, Read Me for any further instructions.