OS Updates

Unitec receives periodic updates for the Windows Operating Systems (OS), which is used by the Portal, Sentinel, C-Start and WashPay Site Controller.  PCI Compliance regulations require the users of these products to apply these updates as security patches when they are released.  Because the Operating Systems are custom-built for Unitec products, Unitec must develop Operating System updates that must be installed by the equipment owner or servicing distributor.

For the Portal, Sentinel and C-Start, the OS is updated by replacing the C-Drive compact flash card (older units), or replacing the Solid State Drive (SSD).  For the WashPay Site Controller, Unitec provides update programs that can be downloaded from this web page OR on a thumb drive provided by Unitec.

The current OS version and issue dates for the PortalSentinel, and C-Start C-Drives are shown in the table below.  If your software version is not current, please contact Unitec's Technical Support Department and they will assist you in determining the correct upgrade path.


Current OS Software Versions for Portal, Sentinel & C-Start
C-Drive Part Number Application Version Date Issued
SWP1C-STD Portal with 1st generation processor (OM1422) 3.09 03/29/2013
SWP2C-STD Portal with 2nd generation processor (OM1680) 3.09 03/29/2013
SA2379 Touch Screen Portal with Solid State Drive 3.21 04/24/2014
SA2385 Portal with Keypad and Solid State Drive 3.21 04/24/2014 
SWS1C-STD Sentinel with 1st generation processor (SA2236) 1.10 03/29/2013
SWS2C-STD Sentinel with 2nd generation processor (SA2333) 1.10 03/29/2013 
SA2388 Sentinel with Solid State Drive 1.21 04/24/2014
SA2344 C-Start with Solid State Drive 1.21 04/24/2014


 The WashPay Site Controller OS updates are available for download for free, or you may purchase a thumb drive containing the update from Unitec.  If you choose to download them, please first review the Download WashPay instructions contained in the PDF below.

 Download Instructions

  Date Issued Part Number
Update version 2.04 to 2.05 Issued 10/26/2011 SA2332
Update version 2.05 to 2.06 Issued 10/26/2011 SA2340
Update version 2.06 to 2.07 Issued 12/29/2011 SA2341
Update version 2.07 to 2.08 Issued 3/28/2012 SA2356
Update version 2.08 to 2.09 Issued 10/10/2012 SA2378
Update version 2.09 to 2.10 Issued 1/9/2013 SA2386