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Director® is a cloud-based, multi-site management system for car wash operators and enterprises who incorporate car washes into their business model. Director connects Unitec payment stations in a centralized fashion to report sales, transactional and trending data, manage sites from a centrally hosted location and launch timely marketing programs.

New Features: Multi-Site Codes allows car wash codes purchased in the store or at the pump to be used at any of the Operator’s locations.  Codes may also be sold at locations without a car wash and redeemed at any car wash location.  The Bulk Code Generation feature allows the Operator to create a large batch of car wash codes.  The codes are typically used for promotions (Groupon, for example), fundraisers, and bulk sales to fleet operators or partner businesses.

“With Unitec’s Director product, I can monitor sales from my desk by sales packages, which shows us how customers have paid for the wash—whether by code, at the pump, credit or cash.  It’s great to come to work in the morning and track via Director that all car washes are up and running. The trending page is helpful for determining if the car wash is slow at a particular time of day so we can run a special to increase sales. Director is a wonderful tool for you to utilize to see what your car wash is doing.”
Mark Meeker,  Vehicle Care Business Development Manager, Cars & Stripes, Texas

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