Wash Select II Marketing

Find everything you need to know about marketing and programming your Wash Select II Car Wash System. Follow the links below to find a wealth of information on both marketing your new entry system and instruction for programming.

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Wash Select II / POS Marketing Features & Programming Instructions
  Code-only fleet account
  Coupon codes
  Fleet account setup through POS4000
  Remote fleet account setup
  Multi-use codes (WSII POS)
  Pass Cards & Pass Codes
  Voice messages
  Custom voice messages order form
  Receipt messages
  Display messages
  Multi-coin feature
  VIP Wash Pass sales sheet
  VIP Wash Pass programming
  VIP Wash coupons sales sheet
  Coinco VIP Wash coupons order form
  Mars VIP Wash coupons order form
  VIP Wash coupons programming